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Face & make-up

“Beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with…”

says Elaine.

discover your beauty with Simone Mahler

Simone Mahler was a true pioneer of modern Aesthetic Beauty, she launched her brand in 1939 and it continues to be one of the highest performance Beauty ranges. The range combines the latest in Beauty Science with natural Plant and Phyto ingredients for efficacy and best results, it is also Vegan friendly.

Delux 5 Star Meso Vytal

The Delux 5 Star Meso Vytal with Bio cellular treatment.
Highly recommended in ‘The Gloss‘ magazine.

This treatment is designed particularly suited to anyone who hasn’t had a Facial treatment in a while or who wants super duper fast results after lockdown/ Covid. Treatment is 75 mins of Bliss. The Intensive results of the Meso vytal plus, 27% Glycolic peel, Collagen facial Massage face, neck, décolletage, head & shoulders, application of sealed Bio Cellular Intensive Collagen & Hyaluronic sheet mask for the face & Eyes.

New treatment!

  • Treatment Package

    (typically €220)

  • Course of 3

    (save €45)

  • Course of 6


Superskin Bio-Cellular Facial

Regenerating peel treatment using a plant-extract sheet mask. A powerful combination of Glycolic and salicylic acids penetrate the epidermis which deeply cleanses and regenerates skin, while stimulating collagen and Hyaluronic acid. The skin is left radiant and lines are significantly reduced after just one treatment. For longer lasting results a course is recommended.

  • Single Treatment (75 mins)

  • Mini Course of 3 Treatments

  • Intensive Course of 6 Treatments


Youth Peel 50%

Highly recommended in ‘Social & Personal’ magazine

This high tolerance Peel (meaning it is suitable for All skin types, including sensitive skin types) reduces the Lines and wrinkles, brightening skin and giving it back its Glow and leaving it super Soft and smooth. Ideal for people who are time poor or who are not partial to facial massage. Results are instant! Even after just one, but for long term results a mini course of 3 or an intensive course of 6 treatments). Each Treatment takes just 40 mins with no down time.

  • Single Treatment

    30 min treatment

  • Mini Course of 3 Treatments

  • Intensive Course of 6 Treatments


Bespoke Beauty Instant Radiance Facial

A brightening facial for All Skin types, for instantly glowing skin. This treatment includes Brightening cleanser, Brightening toner, 27% Glycolic Exfoliator (optional- depending on skin type) Massage, Radiance mask, Brightening serum and cream.

  • 1 hour


Vitamin and Mineral Algo Facial

  • 1 hour


Prescriptive Deep-Cleansing Facial

After skin analysis a presciptive treatment will be designed specifically to suit each individual skin type. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, extraction is performed, includes a facial massage with lymphatic drainage and concludes with a mask to close pores and seal in the goodness from the concentrated ampoule.

  • 1 hour


Prescriptive Mini Facial

Suitable for all skin types

  • 30 minutes


Facial for Sensitive Skin

Finally a treatment for Rosacea sufferers. De-Sensitising Facial for Rosacea & Very sensitive skin. Individually packaged box includes a cooling sheet mask. This is a complete treatment to soften, soothe, calm, decongest and reduce redness of the face, neck & décolletage.

  • 1 hour


Collagen facial

Cleanse , exfoliation, extraction – (if necessary)
Tone, Collagen serum, Collagen Active Mask to plump & smooth the Skin of the facial, eyes & neck, Lifting Massage.

  • 70 mins


MESO Vytal Cell Boost

Meso Vytal is an electrical treatment for the face, neck, decollage and hands. It isa Multi tasking Treatment It is a Clinical treatment, between a hands on facial and Injectables, that uses an oscillating cartridge that has 18 micro protrusions that penetrate Hyaluronic and Collagen serum into the Skin. It pentetrates deep into the skin between the epidermis and the dermis to plump out the skin and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment stimulates the blood circulatory system to bring oxygen and valuable nutrients to the areas we are working on face, neck, decolletage and even the hands. On the surface it helps remove pigmentation and age spots to give a more even colour-tone to the skin and a brighter, fresher glow to the skin.

  • Introductory offer (1st treatment)

  • Thereafter individual treatments

  • Mini course of 3

  • Intensive course of 6



Permanent hair removal of unwanted hair for areas such as the upper lip, chin, neck, décolleté or chest.

  • 15 mins

  • Course of 6 x 15 min sessions

  • 30 mins

  • Course of 6 x 30 min sessions


Yumi Lashes

Yumi Lashes is an advanced technique designed to boost, lift and enhance your own natural upper eyelashes. The treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and includes a tint and under eye Q10 co-enzyme revitalising and relaxing treatment. We were one of the First salons in Ireland to do this treatment, with almost a decade of experience. We use the patented Yumi products and not an inferior product range.

Special offer

  • Yumi Lashes Treatment including Upper lash tint – Allow 70 mins

  • Eyelash tint

  • Eyebrow tint

    *Patch test required if you have not had Tinting or Yumi treatments done with us before or in the past 22 month



Our make-up application is tailored to suit every client. From the no-makeup – makeup look, to Hollywood glam – we have got you covered. We work with you to give you the perfect look for your special occasion, or just because.

  • Makeup Application

  • Makeup Lesson



“Beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with…”

says Elaine.


‘Cetuem’ SCR Gold Seaweed Body Wrap,
Firming & Cellulite Treatment

“This A-List favourite gets famous bodies into their bikini’s post-baby and pre-holiday. The wrap is based on an algae extract, and a course makes a genuine, visible difference.”
– Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.


  • Per Treatment (90mins)

  • Course of 3 Wraps

  • Course of 6 Wraps



We use Lycon Wax and an Italian wax with the highest Training and Methods of sterilisation.
Elaine is the ONLY Therapist in Ireland to have been taught the art of waxing by the World famous J-Sisters in Manhattan in their salon and she has Trained Therapists and Bespoke Staff in the same method. We are also Lycon Trained Wax Specialists.

  • 1/2 Leg Wax

  • 3/4 Leg Wax

  • Full Leg Wax

  • Full Leg & Bikini tidy

  • Bikini Tidy

  • Californian

  • Brazillian

  • Hollywood

  • Under-arm Wax

  • Arm Wax

  • Lip Wax

  • Chin Wax

  • Lip & Chin

  • Eyebrow Wax

  • Back Wax

  • Chest Wax


Spray Tan

  • Full Body Spray Tan

  • Half Body Spray Tan


Massage body & head

“Beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with…”

says Elaine.

De-Stress Massage

Course of 3 receive 10% discount.
Course of 6 receive 12% discount.

Our relaxing massages are perfect for both physical and mental rejuvenation. We deliver our massages in a calm and quiet atmosphere where you can fully relax. Escape the real world for a spell with any of our popular massages.

  • 30 minute De-Stress Massage

  • 45 minute De-Stress Massage

  • 1 hour De-Stress Massage

  • 90 minute De-Stress Massage


Indian Head Massage

Course of 3 receive 10% discount.
Course of 6 receive 12% discount.

Indian Head Massage to alleviate tension around the temples, head and neck. To help relieve tension headaches, from Stress, working on a computer all day, grinding your teeth at night.

  • 30 mins


Manicures & pedicures

“Beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with…”

says Elaine.


We use New files, buffers and orange wood sticks for every client. We sterislise our stainless steel with Surgical spirit and in barbicide.

  • Manicure

  • File, cuticle tidy & Paint/Polish

  • Pedicure

  • Pedicure WITH HEATED Foot Mitts FOR DRY SOLES

  • Pedicure File, cuticle tidy & Paint/Polish (regular polish)

  • Gel 2-3 week Manicure OR Pedicure Paint
    (price includes removal of our gel after 2-3 weeks)

  • Removal of other 2-3 week polish applied at another salon

    Please Note: We do not remove GEL OVERLAY, EXTENSIONS OR ACRYLICS,
    WE ONLY REMOVE Gel Polish.

    Price depending on how long it takes to remove.

    €20 – €30

BIAB bio builder for stronger, longer nails.

Last 2-3 weeks

60 minutes treatment

  • BIAB Bio builder

    1 hour

  • With additional colour overlay gel polish

    1,5 hour